About us

Our story

We found ourselves in need to express milk for our son, who struggled to transfer the milk directly from the breast due to a condition called "tongue-tie", a condition that, if diagnosed immediately after birth, can be treated easily but initially makes is harder for the baby to "wrap" the tongue around the breast to empty it. Hence, we have relied on using breast pumps from early days after the birth of our son.

Not knowing much about the best ways to express the milk, we initially only purchased a single breast pump. After some reading and our own experience, we soon realized that we have to express both breast simultaneously to increase the milk supply. Thus, we went to purchase another single breast pump. This method has worked for us but it was definitely suboptimal to use two individual pumps simultaneously. After some time, one of the pumps started to fail, which left us no other option but to look for a better solution. This was the point when we came to realize that there is really no affordable option available on the local market that offers benefits of more expensive pumps at the lower price-tag.

Why should you buy our product?

After quite some testing by ourselves and experience with the "big brands", this pump offers the features such as an integrated battery, performance and reliability of upper class pumps from other brands but at a lower price tag.